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This painting is about the woodland at dusk when it is quiet and more wildlife is present. In the fading light I feel that I am in a temple of trees. I have tried to convey the awe I feel, seeing the reflected shadows of trees silhouetted against the deep blue of the evening sky. I have chosen to draw attention to wild water and to the luminous, quiet places where water-bound ecosystems try to flourish. This painting is a meditative, visual immersion in water surface and light, exploring the interaction of these two elements.


This painting is 60 x 70 cm and 2 cm in depth. 

It has been made on excellent quality, acid-free, 100% thick cotton canvas which is twice gesso primed to take oil paint. The stretcher is a light weight pine wood. The paints themselves are blended with organic oils and natural glazes which are designed to last through the ages, and which keep the paint looking radiant and full of lustre.




Larch Stillness

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