Artist Statement

As a contemporary artist, I respond to the landscape and its conditions as an interactive way of exploring human states of being and emotion in my work. The environment's capacity to express and evoke every mood from gravitas to expansiveness, and vibrancy to seclusion makes it the most dynamic muse.
I am drawn to the fleeting transitions between day and night and their powerfully emotive visual effects. Elemental interactions within a landscape fascinate me; earth, wood and sky reflecting in water; rain in the air; the multi-varied effects of natural light and shadow. I see nature's endless possibilities offering themselves as subjects to be captured in paint. And those subjects can also relate to a human narrative or speak of issues that impact on the Earth's fragile ecosystems.


I work in oils and natural resins on canvas or board because I love the brilliance, layering and subtlety of colour and transparency made available through using oil paint. Often I sketch and photograph my subjects outdoors before starting to paint them in the studio, but I also invent landscapes and or find inspirational photographic compositions to use as a starting point. 


Ultimately, I feel that the natural world, rather than being a material resource, is where we as a human species can find so much depth and joy. Our existence now depends on our commitment to the Earth and I hope that my work conveys a sense of reverence and connection with nature.


For any painting or commission enquiries, please send me a message or call me on +44 07748 765 949.