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Artist Statement

"As a contemporary artist, I paint landscapes which express my somatic, emotional experience of being within the natural world and responding to it's power, fragility and temporality.

My work is about being in relationship with nature and my personal feelings within this interaction. I am constantly stirred by nature's capacity to evoke every mood and I am drawn to elements merging and finding definition within a landscape; to both intimate and grand vistas; and to the fleeting transitions between day and night and their powerfully emotive visual effects. I consider myself a sensory landscape painter and my creative practice spans from making realistic to semi-abstract images.


My painting process often involves invention, memory and inspiration from found images as well as sketching and photographing my subjects outdoors before I begin painting in the studio. I work in oils and natural resins on canvas or board because I love the brilliance, layering, dynamism and subtlety of colour and transparency made available through using oil paint. 

Ultimately, I want my work to convey a passionate sense of awe, intrigue and connection with the natural world, as a sanctuary and source of inspiration for the human spirit. Our very existence now depends on our commitment to our own collective relationship with the Earth and our willingness to protect it."


For any painting or commission enquiries, please contact Riga here or call her on +44 07748 765 949.

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