Artist Statement

As a contemporary landscape painter I respond to the natural environment as both activist and celebrant. Sometimes this will take the form of conveying, via the canvas, my personal sense of awe and deep nourishment found in natural places, or reflecting how the weather dramatically influences the emotional quality of a landscape. At other times I am motivated to address environmental issues such as pollution and climate change.


I work in oils and natural resins on canvas or board because I love the brilliance, layering and subtlety of colour and transparency made available through using oil paint. Often I sketch and photograph my subjects outdoors before starting to paint them in the studio, but I also ‘invent’ landscapes and compositions just by working with the paints themselves and finding where they lead me.


I am especially interested in the fleeting transitions between day and night and the visual, experiential effects these have upon the senses. I am drawn to elemental interaction within a landscape, earth and wood reflections in water, rain in the air, the multi-varied effects of natural light. Wild spaces are my muses and I see nature's endless possibilities offering themselves as subjects to be captured in paint.


Ultimately I feel that the natural world, rather than being a material resource, is where we as a human species can find depth, joy and wisdom and at this time many people are experiencing a longing to reconnect with this. The reality is that our very existence now depends on our care for the Earth and our commitment to it. In making images of the land, the water and the sky my aim is to support the viewer’s reconnection with these elements in their daily lives.


If you are interested in buying my paintings, please see the range of work that is still available at the Shop on this website. Or for any painting enquiries, please get in touch.

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