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“Mindful Pregnancy and Birth offers a soothing antidote to the stress and perfectionism that increasing assail expectant Mamas. But this is more than a guide to pregnancy and birth. Riga Forbes’ wise guidance supports us all in raising our children–and ourselves–with awareness and compassion. A great blessing!”

Dr Sarah Buckley, author of “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering”

My Pregnancy Journal


Both mystery and miracle meet with physiology and science in the epic journey of childbirth. A mother facilitates this life-giving event with her powerful and sophisticated body. It is truly an act of faith, courage and love, both sacred and unpredictable. It is our mothers’ greatest gift to us, and in turn, their mothers’ greatest gift to them, all the way back through our female lines. As we venture into birth, we touch the spiritual substance of welcoming a new life to earth.”

Excerpt from “Mindful Pregnancy & Birth”

by Riga Forbes.

“I love this book – so much needed in today’s world when pregnant women are generally so stressed and unable to find an oasis to simply be with the pregnancy and the changes they are experiencing.  Read this book – it’s life changing!”

Janet Balaskas, author of “New Active Birth”

“This wonderful book is a must. ‘Mindful Pregnancy and Birth’ is a warm invitation to all mothers-to-be, to step into a circle of trust and faith with a calm mind and body, joyfully preparing for the changes ahead. This book will make your heart sing.”

Kate Woods, Founder of Conscious Birthing International.

"...Having crossed the portal of birth, do you remember the first moment you began to catch up with yourself, and found that you were a foreigner to the memory of your life before children?"

Mindful Thoughts for Mothers brings a fresh breath and compassionate outlook to the full

adventure of the motherhood journey.

"Check out the enchanting Mindful Thoughts for Mothers... this charmingly illustrated hardback takes a gentle meander through the motherhood journey, from pregnancy onward by way of toddler tantrums, teenage strops and beyond. There's plenty of practical advice too, alongside meditations on the power of loving kindness, watching without judgement and the importance of self-celebration."

Waitrose Weekend Magazine

"Mindful Thoughts for Mothers is the perfect present for mums everywhere. It explores a mother’s world, helping the reader to hold a sense of the ‘bigger picture’ while being present in the day-to-day." - 


Mental Health Foundation UK

A beautifully designed guided journal to record key milestones, moments and memories during your pregnancy.

My Pregnancy Journal is a relatable and nurturing guide through pregnancy, and the perfect place to document your special experience – from the first person you told, your cravings, the first scan, watching your baby grow, feeling the first kick and ideas for names, to the first sight of your baby and reflections on becoming a parent.

The journal breaks down month by month and week by week the phases of your pregnancy so you can plan and collect memories, as well as offering advice on wide-ranging themes from health and community to stress and worries about pregnancy to baby names.

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