I trained in Fine Art Painting at Chelsea College of Art, London Institute, during the 1990's, graduating with both installation and painting work. Since then I have publicly exhibited installation work internationally, including the Airspace Gallery, Sydney, Australia, and at Limehouse Studios in London . More recently I have shown paintings in a range of spaces including the Art wave festival Sussex, I've been shortlisted for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Artist Award 2020 and I have a solo show at the Star Brewery Gallery, Lewes from 24th October till 8th November 2020.

There has been a big gap for me in the years between postgraduate art practice and returning to painting. During this time I trained to teach and taught Art, raised a family, wrote and published books on birth and motherhood. So becoming a professional artist has been a truly exciting U-turn in my career so far. For me it’s like a love affair with painting that’s been reignited.


My greatest muse is nature: land, sky, water, light, the seasons, the cycles and rhythms. I am a student of the natural world and it is humbling to try and represent or express such an awe-inspiring subject. Landscape has the capacity to express every mood from gravity to expansiveness, and vibrancy to seclusion. My feeling is that nature is where we as a human species can find depth, joy and wisdom, and at this time our very existence now depends on our care for the Earth and our commitment to it.

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