I trained in Fine Art Painting at Chelsea College of Art, London Institute, during the 1990's, and painting is still my great love. The paintings I make come from my inner vision but are inspired by nature's fragile and remote places, the journey living beings make, both animal and human, and our  ancestral ties to the Earth. 


As well as Art-making, I have been immersed in many other fields during my life so far,  such as birth, babies and motherhood; meditation, wellness, and writing books and also facilitating creativity in groups, which I find to be a deeply nourishing experience.

I have spent most of my adult life in a teaching role of some kind, and have worked with a varied range of subjects and students, (in both age and ability), gaining two teacher-training qualifications along the way. My work as a facilitator over the last two decades, not only draws upon my experience of guiding groups, but also uses my training as a complementary therapist, skilled in supporting individuals.

I love developing and facilitating group spaces for people to create, and I believe that these can enable us to connect more deeply with ourselves as we access our deeper creative impulse, bringing a greater sense of community and joy to our lives. The workshops I offer use a range of practices, such as Mindfulness, that have sustained and nourished me on my own journey of growth, both as a mother and as an artist.

So I know from experience that they work!

Being published as a writer has also been a great vehicle to communicate some of these themes to a wider audience and you can find out more about my books here.  Yet my greatest wish alongside teaching is to continue to develop as a visual artist and to communicate using another kind of space, beyond words.

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