As a painter I am captivated by colours in nature... Lichen has it all, subtlety, texture and multiple shades. I love that it is composed of both fungi and algae. This painting speaks of thresholds between spaces - the edge of the woods. It is a border between the sheltered space of trees and the openess of space beyond. And juxtapositions exist also in the three 'gathered' Oaks alongside the solo standing Oak, as well as the established trees contrasted with the young saplings beyond them.

Wood's Edge - Tall Oaks with Lichen

  • Oil on canvas, size 50 cms x 60 cms, stretcher is 3cms deep. This painting has been made on excellent quality, acid-free,100% thick cotton canvas which is twice gesso primed to take oil paint. The stretcher is a light weight pine wood. The paints themselves are blended with organic oils and natural glazes which are designed to last through the ages, and which keep the paint looking radiant and full of lustre.

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