"Community - Nocturne with Ash, Birch and Bluebells" is inspired by my local landscape and the seasonal phase of the year when bluebell flowers gather, richly carpeting the forest floor of the woodlands where I live in England. Trees are interconnected through Mycelium networks and fungal colonies in the earth around their root systems. They can communicate together and even feed each other as individuals and as entire woodlands, thus embodying a true sense of community. In this painting the trees are also in symbiosis with the annual bluebells. I am especially interested in the fleeting transitions between day and night and the visual, experiential effects these have upon the senses. This painting captures the fading light of evening as it intensifies the colours in the woods at bluebell time.

Nocturne with Ash, Birch and Bluebells

SKU: 18
  • Oil on canvas, size 60 cms x 80 cms, stretcher is 4.5 cms deep. This painting has been made on excellent quality, acid-free, 100% thick cotton canvas which is gesso primed to take oil paint. The stretcher is a strong pine wood. The paints themselves are blended with organic oils and natural glazes which are designed to last through the ages, and which keep the paint looking radiant and full of lustre. 

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