In Britain, our pagan ancestors used to worship the springs and rivers which were considered to be sacred, life-giving places, and this belief is synonymous with that of many indiginous cultures around the world. This painting is a call for the protection of our waters and our environment. It suggests that we have de-sanctified water through industrialisation; 'using' water to dump waste or polluting it incidently through our total disregard of it. Yet beauty can be found here too and this image speaks of an innate beauty that exists in our natural world, even in the most challenging of circumstances.


Filthy Dirty Sacred River at Dusk

  • Oil on canvas, size 60 cms x 80 cms, stretcher is 4.5 cms deep. This painting has been made on excellent quality, acid-free, 100% thick cotton canvas which is gesso primed to take oil paint. The stretcher is a strong pine wood. The paints themselves are blended with organic oils and natural glazes which are designed to last through the ages, and which keep the paint looking radiant and full of lustre.  

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