Birth Vision

“I feel more confident about finally, fully creating the Birth experience I have always wanted. Riga is a strong, gentle and loving facilitator with a clear experiential knowledge of birth and all the practices she offers on the course. Riga is truly inspiring!”
(Alexandra Schunneman)
“Birth Vision gives women the opportunity to share, create, express and to be free in a safe space. I have had time to focus on myself and the pregnancy and I have loved having the chance to draw and paint again. Riga was gentle yet powerful in her facilitation, with an ability to empower the group.”
(Dalia Saunders)
“Thank you Riga, wonderful woman and wise-one for this amazing course! It is creative, fun, powerful, healing, empowering, loving and opening. So deeply special to connect with other mothers at this time and be guided so gracefully & intuitively… may the birth of our baby bring in all of these gifts!”
(Suzy Daw)
“Taking time to relax and move has been great. It has given me time to calm my mind and become more in touch with my body. All women should have the chance to gather like this in a relaxed place where they can explore the coming birth and their emotions.”
(Sarah Simonet)
“I loved the way this course combined physical, spiritual and creative exploration and expression. I discovered lost parts of myself and found holding for them. In Birth Vision there is a process of self-discovery and of finding what will support a smooth birth, grounding and self-love as a mother.”
(Olga Tonkin)
“I loved the held, safe space created in Birth Vision… the meditation, the dance and I was also amazed at how powerful the painting was. Riga encouraged us to find our own strength and power through gentle support. Birth Vision is like an essential ritual that is lacking in our modern day world. I think every woman would benefit from it!”
(Lianne Campbell)
“This course has been a sanctuary for me during my pregnancy: a place where I’ve been able to explore and express my true self. It has helped me to prepare for birth & beyond in a deep and soulful way.”
(Lucy Wasp)

Pregnancy Dance

“I feel oxygenated, limbered-up and relaxed for the first time in ages!”
(Genevieve, Lewes)
“A liberating experience, taking you away from the day-to-day – the weight and the waddle – and into a free space of movement and release. Great space!”
(Fran, Seaford)

Doula Days

“I really, really enjoyed every aspect of the day! What an amazing chance to connect with oneself and others. If you aren’t quite sure if this is for you, it is! Every woman should do this once a month or so. We would all be so much happier and stronger. Thank you Riga”
(Marein Schmitthenner – Doula)
“How lovely to have a safe space to nurture the nurturer. I feel loved and grounded.”
(Gemma Harvey – Doula)
“Thank you for such a lovely, inspiring day! I enjoyed everything about it and was smiling all the way home!”
(Lynda Loughman – Doula)
“It is such a relief to finally find a workshop that really assists women in their journey of transformation and deepening their connection to the great mysteries of life. Thank you for creating this space. I would love to do more of this work!
(Hannah Mae Dawson – Doula)

Creative Retreats

“This day was a wonderful process into aspects that are so often neglected and to work with them in such a variety of ways was a real treat.” (Lucy)
“So much was covered in such a nurturing, gentle environment that facilitated some real gems of discovery!” (Kerry Ann)
“A very nourishing experience; a supported, safe space to nurture spirit in the company of other women. Inspirational!” (Rosa)
“A beautiful space co-created with the lovely energy of letting go, creativity and nurturing, and sharing with a wonderful group of amazing women.” (Kelly)
“A wonderful, creative day, releasing my energy and helping me to find my inner soul-space. Thank you! It has brought the Autumn alive!” (Liza)
“Thank you for such a grounding, freeing, peaceful day of self-nurturing!” (Penny)
“Thank you Riga for a truly nourishing day; a beautifully held space to freely express and deeply enjoy silence, meditation, nature, dance & art, all so gratefully received! Bless you!” (Dawn)
“Such a warm, engaging session and a much needed breath of fresh air!” (Lynda)

Matrix Reimprinting

“I worked with Riga using Matrix Reimprinting around healing my two previous birth experiences, which was fantastic; it was a massive shift for me and I felt I’d been freed of a burden of guilt and disappointment. I felt I could let the past go, accepting it as ‘the past’ and not needing it to influence me or the coming birth”.
(Kerstin, Brighton)
“This is a really powerful and deep therapy. It took me to places that were confronting but in a completely safe way and brought me into an incredibly positive place. Riga was a very intuitive and gentle guide. I am very keen to see how this work carries me forward!”
(Sarah, Oxfordshire)
“Everything about the session worked for me. I found Matrix Reimprinting a very effective, deep and strong treatment. I felt comfortable and safe throughout and I appreciated that we didn’t end until the issue was resolved. The Matrix work helped me go beyond my thinking brain… it was very powerful.”
(Anita, London)
“The session I had with Riga was a beautiful experience, where I was guided to resolve a deep issue that has held me back in my life. I felt very safe throughout as I created new experience, helping me to heal and to live life to my fullest potential.”
(Yvette, London)

Feeding Your Demons

“I found the Feeding Your Demons sessions profoundly healing and helpful. Riga facilitated with a strength and integrity that allowed me to feel completely safe and held, enabling me to totally trust in the process. I was astonished by the depth to which this healing took me, so simply and quickly with such long-lasting benefits. Riga is a natural healer and facilitator and was able to hold a steady and compassionate role when strong emotions arose during the process. I am so grateful both to Riga and to those who have brought this healing work through at such a crucial time of challenge and transformation in the world.”
(Anna, Sussex)
I would highly recommend ‘Feeding your Demons’, facilitated safely and beautifully by Riga. This therapy is a deeply healing process which allows the embodiment and honouring of emotions, and offers insight into the personal medicine needed to bring balance back to body and mind. The visual context of the work is both affirming and creative, providing a strong and supportive inner reference point to reflect on afterwards.
(Nathalie, Sussex)