Pregnancy Dance

Pregnancy Dance Classes are supportive, fun and deeply relaxing! If you love to move to feel-good music, you will be uplifted and nourished by this gentle method of preparing the body and mind for childbirth.

Each session begins with a guided warm-up to stretch-out and release any tensions or tiredness you may be holding physically. As the dance progresses you are supported to move freely and safely within your own comfort range, exploring dance in different ways as a tool for labour. You can choose whether to rest or to move depending on your needs at the time.

The sessions end with a period of relaxation, a guided visualisation or meditation and a space to share experiences with the group. This also gives mothers and mothers-to-be a chance to get to know each other and to feel the support of the group.

Pregnancy Dance Classes are a wonderful opportunity to become more aware of your pregnant body, of your baby-in utero and to joyfully explore physical movement for fitness and relaxation.

“I feel oxygenated, limbered-up and relaxed for the first time in ages!”
(Genevieve, Lewes)

“A liberating experience, taking you away from the day-to-day – the weight and the waddle – and into a free space of movement and release. Great space!”
(Fran, Seaford)

Pregnancy Dance classes will be resuming in 2018, thanks for your patience! x