Mindful Pregnancy & Birth



Both mystery and miracle meet with physiology
and science in the epic journey of childbirth. A mother
facilitates this life-giving event with her powerful and
sophisticated body. It is truly an act of faith, courage
and love, both sacred and unpredictable. It is our mothers’
greatest gift to us, and in turn, their mothers’
greatest gift to them, all the way back through our
female lines. As we venture into birth, we touch
the spiritual substance of welcoming a new
life to earth.”

Riga Forbes, excerpt from “Mindful Pregnancy & Birth”

‘Mindful Pregnancy & Birth’ offers readers an intimate and authentic view of mindfulness practice and its relevance to pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Through sharing my own personal story of the perinatal phase and discussing the hormonal functions of birth physiology in an accessible way, I accompany the reader through an exploration of using mindfulness skills in the lead up to birth and in childbirth itself. A theme which is developed further by looking at the possibilities of managing life beyond birth, into the first intense months of parenthood, with the support of a mindful approach.

This book personalises the journey of gestation, birth and parenting as an opportunity to cultivate both mindfulness and compassion, with autobiographical offerings throughout. Each tenet of living mindfully is enfleshed with practical, simple meditation exercises for readers to try for themselves during the course of their perinatal year and to support them as parents beyond this stage.

‘Mindful Pregnancy & Birth’ creates an opportunity for readers to nurture and enquire more deeply into the inner self. It provides gentle guidance for self-care and developing greater awareness within the multifaceted terrain that new parents come to know as everyday life.


“Mindful Pregnancy and Birth offers a soothing antidote to the stress and perfectionism that increasing assail expectant Mamas. But this is more than a guide to pregnancy and birth. Riga Forbes’ wise guidance supports us all in raising our children–and ourselves–with awareness and compassion. A great blessing!”

Dr Sarah Buckley, author of “Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering”

“I love this book – so much needed in today’s world when pregnant women are generally so stressed and unable to find an oasis to simply be with the pregnancy and the changes they are experiencing. There is no time more important to slow down, to find some silence and space within and develop the art of relaxation. This book will show you how easy and indeed natural it is to be mindful and how much that can change the quality of your life. You will find that you have time to connect with your unborn baby and communicate more meaningfully with your loved ones, without diminishing your ability to ‘do’ things. When the mind is relaxed, the body follows suit. Then nature’s plan for birth and loving connection can unfold in all its magnificence. Read this book – it’s life changing!”

Janet Balaskas, author of “New Active Birth”

“This wonderful book is a must. Riga’s style makes you feel like you’re sharing a pot of tea by the fire, as she takes you through the stages of the childbearing year with grounded, accessible and simple mindfulness practices. ‘Mindful Pregnancy and Birth’ is a warm invitation to all mothers-to-be, to step into a circle of trust and faith with a calm mind and body, joyfully preparing for the changes ahead. This book will make your heart sing.”

Kate Woods, Founder of Conscious Birthing International