Mindful Mama Circle

In early motherhood we at times find ourselves in extreme places both internally and in our lives, at all hours of the day and night. It is an important time to stay connected with other mothers who are having a shared experience and can feel empathy and offer open-hearted support.

The Mindful Mama Circle is for new mothers during their babies’ first year of life. It provides a live virtual arena for guided meditation practice as well as a compassionate space to share, to listen and to be heard, among like-minded mothers.

Sometimes just being witnessed, or witnessing someone else with compassion, can help us to shift issues that we might have been struggling with. We may need to briefly share our birth experience and our reflections on it, or discuss breastfeeding highs and lows. Or perhaps we just want to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves and our babies in the company of others, and to bond with a caring community of new mothers. The intention of the Mindful Mama Circle is to enable participants to experience this sense of healing, kindness and connection during the new motherhood time.

The overall aim of the groups is simply to share, to meditate, to ask questions, to be inspired or to inspire each other, and to BE together.

You are so welcome to join us, and of course babies are welcome in the circles too! The sessions are £15 each or £45 for 4 and if you click the link below to register, I can email you with all the info to begin.
Looking forward to meeting you! x