Feeding Your Demons

‘Feeding Your Demons’ is a deeply alchemical process which can help us to access any disconnected parts of ourselves and transform them into self-love and support. The therapeutic practice itself takes the form of a guided meditation in which the participant is led through an experience of feeling into both ‘shadow’ and ‘light’ qualities within themselves, which are envisaged as a ‘Demon’ and an ‘Ally’.

As the session begins, the participant chooses to work with an issue that may have been draining their energy (a thought, feeling, sensation or memory), and connecting with this in their own body. When they have a sense of the physical sensations they experience relating to this issue, they are then asked to visualise this energy moving out of their body and to imagine it as a Being or ‘Demon’ before them.

There are echoes of Gestalt therapy in this process, and as it continues, the participant moves to sit in the place of the ‘Demon’, to embody it and find out what its’ deeper needs are. Then gradually the need of this being or Demon is met by a method of ‘feeding’ it with energy, until it reaches its own place of resolution. At this point it can and does quite spontaneously transform into positive energy, which may then take the form of an ‘Ally’. At this point, a new dialogue is established with the Ally, who becomes a conduit for love, support and liberation from the original issue.

In this work any resistance to the ‘Demon’ is dissolved. Not only is the Demon welcomed, but its needs are identified and met which allows it to transform. In this way ‘Feeding your Demons’ can bring powerful resolution to personal issues and themes that may have felt draining and stuck for a long time. If you are curious, just try it. It is amazing!

‘Feeding Your Demons’ was created by the acclaimed Lama Tsultrim Allione, female American Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teacher. For more info about her work please visit www.taramandala.org

Feeding Your Demons sessions

£45 for one hour on Skype or in person.

“I found the Feeding Your Demons sessions profoundly healing and helpful. Riga facilitated with a strength and integrity that allowed me to feel completely safe and held, enabling me to totally trust in the process. I was astonished by the depth to which this healing took me, so simply and quickly with such long-lasting benefits. Riga is a natural healer and facilitator and was able to hold a steady and compassionate role when strong emotions arose during the process. I am so grateful both to Riga and to those who have brought this healing work through at such a crucial time of challenge and transformation in the world.”
(Anna, Sussex)