EFT is an amazing tool for healing which can be easily learnt and practiced independently. It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine system and works in the same way that acupuncture, shiatsu, qi gong, tai chi and yoga all work, in clearing the energy pathways in the body, called meridians or nadis. When these are clear, energy can flow freely through the whole fabric of our physical body. If there are blockages in this energy flow, caused by stress, trauma or other emotional and environmental influences, in time our energy can become stuck and this can challenge our general wellbeing.

EFT is also referred to as ‘acupuncture for the emotions’ except that we don’t use needles, but fingers, to gently tap on certain key acupuncture points. Simultaneously we focus on any physical sensations that are present in the body, or physical sensations that are associated with emotions, memories or other issues to be worked on. During this process, a deep state of relaxation is cultivated and stress is released, enabling a sense of wellness to be established. Its gentleness makes it perfect for working on anyone for a wide range of issues.

I am currently offering free 20 minute EFT therapeutic support for pregnant women with Riga on Skype. Please email info@rigaforbes.co.uk or call 07748 765 949 for more info.

Individual sessions to learn EFT for your own practice: £45

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is an extraordinary tool for creating wellbeing at every level. It has been developed using EFT and applies the same approach of gently tapping meridians to clear blocked energy pathways in our body. Matrix however, goes further in offering the possibility of deeply transforming past trauma that may be keeping us ‘stuck’ in our lives, through working actively with specific memories and beliefs. The impact of working with our conditioned beliefs at this level can ripple out and bring positive change to many areas of our lives.

Matrix Reimprinting has been shown to improve vitality and wellbeing and can be used to help change negative beliefs (affecting self-confidence, self-worth, etc.), and to effectively support people in overcoming fears, sleep issues, past traumas, relationship problems and more.

“As you learn about Matrix Reimprinting, you stand on the threshold of a new
adventure in healing… and releasing our vast human potential.”
(Gill Edwards)

Healing Previous Birth Trauma

I have been using Matrix Reimprinting to support mothers in healing memories of previous birth trauma, with wonderful results. There is so much potential to work through past issues during pregnancy, especially difficult birth experiences, in order to bring healing and resolution.

“I worked with Riga using Matrix Reimprinting around healing my two previous birth experiences, which was fantastic; it was a massive shift for me and I felt I’d been freed of a burden of guilt and disappointment. I felt I could let the past go, accepting it as ‘the past’ and not needing it to influence me or the coming birth”.

(Kerstin, Brighton)

Matrix Reimprinting session:

£45 an hour


“This is a really powerful and deep therapy. It took me to places that were confronting but in a completely safe way and brought me into an incredibly positive place. Riga was a very intuitive and gentle guide. I am very keen to see how this work carries me forward!”
(Sarah, Oxfordshire)

“Everything about the session worked for me. I found Matrix Reimprinting a very effective, deep and strong treatment. I felt comfortable and safe throughout and I appreciated that we didn’t end until the issue was resolved. The Matrix work helped me go beyond my thinking brain… it was very powerful.”
(Anita, London)

“The session I had with Riga was a beautiful experience, where I was guided to resolve a deep issue that has held me back in my life. I felt very safe throughout as I created new experience, helping me to heal and to live life to my fullest potential.”
(Yvette, London)