Doula Support


“Riga radiates warmth, love and support. All of which are invaluable at such a vulnerable time. Her confidence in me also gave me the strength to believe I could birth my baby naturally.” 

(Kath, East Sussex)

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal time are so special in the lives of a family, and having the trusted, skilled and caring support of a Doula beside you throughout this journey can make it even more so. Many studies have been made into this area ( which show the great benefits of being with a doula during labour and also before and post birth. Higher rates of natural, vaginal birth and of prolonged breastfeeding are just some of the wonderful positives shown.

I offer Doula support for families in the East Sussex area. My approach to care-giving during pregnancy is very open and begins with following and listening to a couple’s wishes for their birth experience. I can also share information about birth and the perinatal year as well as a range of birth-preparation techniques, including dance, breath-work and mindfulness practices, if they are requested.

“Riga was absolutely excellent during labour. She was great, really sensitive to our needs and how to help. The acupressure she and my husband did during labour made a huge difference to my experience of the contractions and it was great to have her gentle, strong, supportive energy in the room.”

(Jo, East Sussex)

My motivation is to understand the needs of a couple and to assist in meeting these needs as and when they arise, in such a way that each one feels heard and empowered. I can offer my knowledge and understanding of both natural and medically-assisted birth processes as a reference point to inform my clients but would always follow their preferences for whatever choices they want to make throughout pregnancy, labour and in beyond birth.

“Thank you once again for all your support and wisdom which allowed us to have such a positive birthing experience. May you continue to bestow this important light on other parents-to-be!”

(Julia, East Sussex)

I am also available as a post-natal doula and can adapt to the given needs of a family as and when they arise. Essentially I see my role as someone who can support others by listening to their needs, believing in them and serving them to the best of my ability during this special and transformative time.

If you are interested in hiring me as a Doula you are welcome to contact me for a chat on 07748 765 949 or by email.

Look forward to hearing from you!