Creative Retreats

Would you like more space in your life to nourish yourself and develop your creativity?

If so, these one-day retreats could provide a truly inspiring, joyful and supportive way for you to make space, to release stress and to express your creative spirit!

‘Creative Retreat Days’ are designed for women to explore aspects of personal growth on our female, human journeys, using creativity and a mindfulness approach. Each Retreat is different yet all follow the course of the four seasons, using the current time of year to bring questions and themes into our consciousness.

In this way we can experience nature’s cycles more deeply through connecting with the natural world and also by recognising inner stages of change and transformation within ourselves.

As well as offering a space to share as a community, each session supports the use of creative tools such as dance, painting and drawing. These activities are balanced with periods of rest and relaxation, guided meditation and nature-walking to bring a sense of rejuvenation to mind, body and heart.

Here is an idea of what you can expect to receive from the retreat:
– Creative nourishment & artistic self-expression
– Deep rest and the cultivation of mindful awareness
– Empowerment and joy through dance
– The chance to connect as a community of women and to share from a ‘real’ place
– An opportunity to find inner-peace, well-being and insight through spending time in nature.

Creative Retreat Days will be beginning again in January 2018. To find out more about the retreats themselves or if you are interested in participating please contact me.


“This day was a wonderful process into aspects that are so often neglected and to work with them in such a variety of ways was a real treat.” (Lucy)

“So much was covered in such a nurturing, gentle environment that facilitated some real gems of discovery!” (Kerry Ann)

“A very nourishing experience; a supported, safe space to nurture spirit in the company of other women. Inspirational!” (Rosa)

“A beautiful space co-created with the lovely energy of letting go, creativity and nurturing, and sharing with a wonderful group of amazing women.” (Kelly)

“A wonderful, creative day, releasing my energy and helping me to find my inner soul-space. Thank you! It has brought the Autumn alive!” (Liza)

“Thank you for such a grounding, freeing, peaceful day of self-nurturing!” (Penny)

“Thank you Riga for a truly nourishing day; a beautifully held space to freely express and deeply enjoy silence, meditation, nature, dance & art, all so gratefully received! Bless you!” (Dawn)

“Such a warm, engaging session and a much needed breath of fresh air!” (Lynda)