“This work is truly a gift, thank you for sharing it”
(Madelon Coomber)

“I loved ALL of Birth Vision. Riga is extremely impressive: the warmth, compassion and empathy she offers is matched by the thought that has gone into structuring such a wonderful course. I feel so much more prepared and connected to a more meaningful and spiritual way of birthing. It has given me strength to trust and surrender to the birthing process. This is without doubt the most wonderful experience a pregnant woman could have.”

(Nicky Aisher)

The Birth Vision process weaves together dance, breath-work, meditation, visualisation and birth-art, inviting women to creatively explore pregnancy and prepare for childbirth by connecting more deeply with their body, breath, vision and their own motherhood journey.

Over the course of this amazing practice women can develop greater self-confidence for labour as well as having creative time out during pregnancy, to relax and rest. Through offering a compassionate space to share, Birth Vision provides a nurturing group environment where trust can be cultivated and supportive friendships can be made, enriching the journey of motherhood for both new mums and for those with children already.


Have you ever felt that your pregnancy is just rushing by, or that you haven’t had time or space to relax and focus on being pregnant? This can be the case for many women today, especially if we are working a lot or are mothers already, or both. But pregnancy is a fleeting phase of our lives that offers us a window in which to prepare for the coming birth and the beautiful yet intense stage of mothering a newborn that will follow. And as we gestate our babies, so many things can emerge in our lives, both joyful and challenging. Sometimes we may long for a sanctuary-like space, just to ‘be’.

Each session of the course begins with a guided meditation and group sharing, followed by a guided warm-up which leads into dance, so that participants can unwind, explore and tune in to their pregnant bodies. Music has the advantage of helping us to get ‘out’ of the thinking mind and get into the body in a joyful way which can really help us to de-stress and become more present.

The group activity then changes from movement to deep rest as participants are guided into a relaxing visualisation and rest period. After this we make Birth-Art, looking at issues and themes around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The art-making in Birth Vision is not based on skill or achievement but purely focused on creative self-expression and fun. This overall rhythm of activity and stillness brings a wonderful quality of renewal and wellbeing to the body, the heart and mind. And it is from this place of wellness and inner-balance that we can look more deeply into our personal feelings about motherhood.

The approach we take in Birth Vision is that a mother’s greatest gift is her ability to listen to herself. She can learn methods to develop this further but essentially it is she who holds the key to understanding her body, her birthing experience and her baby. And she is completely supported to feel empowered and free to do this.

The full BIRTH VISION Course consists of up to 5 sessions which last around 4 and a half hours each. Please contact Riga on +44 7748 765 949 or by email for more information about upcoming courses.

Birth Vision Taster Days
Birth Vision Taster Days are held throughout the year. These sessions focus on ‘Connecting with your Baby’ and they provide an idea of what the course offers. If you are interested in experiencing Birth Vision without first committing to a course, you can book a Taster Day here or contact me for more details.

One to One Support
I also offer Individual Birth-preparation sessions which give the opportunity to focus 1-to-1 on specific issues. These sessions can include using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Birth Art as tools in pregnancy to work with any difficulties that can arise, ranging from physical to emotional issues.

Previous Birth Trauma & Inner Birth Support
Individual Matrix Reimprinting sessions can also be highly effective in working with previous birth trauma or any other issue that may be causing anxiety leading up to the birth itself. Investing in some time to work with fear, stress and many other issues in pregnancy is time well spent and will contribute to a lasting sense of well-being during the perinatal time.
Individual EFT and Matrix sessions cost £40 per hour.