About Riga Forbes

I have a passion for wellbeing and healing, particularly in the area of motherhood and perinatal care, and have channelled my creativity into several forms, from writing to therapy to dance, to be able to address issues and work with people in this field, both in person and at www.themotherspace.com

My formal graduate training was in Fine Art, and painting is still something I love to do. Having recognised the powerful creative urge that can be present for women during pregnancy, I have found a way to incorporate image-making as an effective therapeutic tool in the ‘Birth Vision’ birth-preparation courses I facilitate. Making art, or creative play, in groups like this can be a deeply nourishing experience.

I have spent most of my adult life in a teaching role of some kind, and have worked with a varied range of subjects and students, (in both age and ability), gaining two teacher-training qualifications along the way. My work as a facilitator over the last two decades, not only draws upon my experience of supporting groups, but also integrates my development as a therapist, helping individuals.

In providing and facilitating group spaces for people to share, I truly hope that they are able to connect more deeply with themselves, with each other and to experience a greater sense of joy and trust in life. The courses, workshops and therapies I offer use a range of practices that have sustained and nourished me on my own journey of growth, both as a mother and as a person. So I know from experience that they can make a big contribution to wellbeing.

Writing has been a vehicle to communicate some of these themes to a wider audience. And I am absolutely committed to sharing in this way, knowing that a book or magazine has the magical ability to arrive in someone’s hands at just the right moment and will probably be opened up on the perfect page because, thankfully, life is like that.

It is my most profound wish that you may find something meaningful in the things that I offer, and that this might become a part of your own wellbeing and happiness. Blessings on your way!