Riga Forbes

Author of ‘Mindful Pregnancy & Birth – Nurturing Love & Awareness’


Welcome! I’m Riga Forbes, doula, birth-preparation facilitator and author of ‘Mindful Pregnancy & Birth – Nurturing Love & Awareness’ (available here online and from major bookstores from the 5th October 2017).

This site is a great place to explore wellbeing in pregnancy through courses and workshops I offer in person, such as Pregnancy Dance and Birth Vision. Or through the FREE online Mindful Mama Circle, which is a live guided mindfulness webinar held weekly for pregnancy and postnatal wellbeing support. You can also find out more about my book here, ‘Mindful Pregnancy & Birth’, which is also available through this website. Please follow the links.

The audio Meditation Resources from ‘Mindful Pregnancy & Birth’, are also available here for you to download for free. These can be used to support you as you are progressing through the exercises from the book itself.

The therapies I offer, either in person or through Skype, such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Feeding Your Demons are outlined here too. And if you are pregnant or thinking about conceiving, you can learn more about working with me to address or help clear previous birth trauma before bringing your next baby into the world. I am passionate about the benefits of doing inner work like this and have witnessed many women using therapeutic tools to resolve experiences of birth-trauma and move into a place of freedom and self-empowerment.

I have a Doula Support page here for couples who are interested in working with me throughout pregnancy, birth and the early post-natal days. Research has now been made into the valuable effects of having a doula present during the perinatal time and especially in childbirth itself. Higher rates of natural, vaginal birth and of prolonged breastfeeding are just some of the wonderful positives shown.

I also offer Creative Retreat Days for Women which are group workshops designed to give women a sanctuary space to share, to be creative, to reconnect with themselves and to explore the inner world through mindfulness practice and quiet reflection.

This kind of workshop is also offered at low cost specifically for Doulas, in the form of “Doula Days” where we can gather together to rest, share and nurture ourselves, again using the tools of creativity and mindfulness to bring more depth and insight into our lives.

You can peruse a selection of articles that I have written over the years, as well as my Blog and more recent Vlog with my thoughts on themes around motherhood and personal development. If you feel moved to share any of these, please do.

Likewise, have a look around the gallery of my paintings which can be viewed here too. I love to hear feedback so do contact me if you want to share. And finally you can read testimonials from people I have worked with over the years, as well as check on any news and recent or upcoming events, courses and workshops.
Wishing you wellbeing and happiness! X